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Long Island Biofuel 1150 Fireplace 23/06/2017

Designed to give you the beauty of an open fire, without the smoke and hassle of a traditional fireplace The All New Long Island Biofuel 1150 fireplace radiant and convected heat 9.5 Kw  - Be Good to Our Planet - Sustainable Biofuel a natrual renewable fuel (with 100% efficient heat output of course!)

The Long Island Biofuel 1050 fireplaces are avaliable in Black, Bronse and Stainless Steel finish
The Long Island Biofuel fireplaces come standard with a convector two stage fan fitted for a faster warm up and more even feat throughout the room

Visit our  warm showroom to see and feel the differance good design and manufacture can make
design and maufactured in New Zealand for New Zealand homes and conditions